About Kalungi Art Studio


At kalungi art studio we showcase Uganda's natural beauty through art. As you already know Uganda is a land of so many wonderful places, beautiful breathtaking sights, the abundance wildlife and water bodies, friendly warm hearted welcoming people, kalungi art studio is here to let you carry all the beautiful memories you came across back home with you through art


On this website artworks are categorized according to sizes and so are the prices. The stated prices don't include shipping fees because different customers come from different parts of the globe, also customer prefer using different shipping companies so we couldn't come up with a uniform shipping cost but always inquire from the artist himself through the contacts provided on this website you will get all the necessary information regarding shipping


Please feel free to browse through all the pages and for any inquiry please contact kalungi Godfrey through the contacts provided below. your views and ideas are also highly welcomed. We also deliver to your door step at any location around Uganda where you can pay by either Cash, Machine or electronic transfer.